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I’m sure there are those who think that Turkish tutoring is given in England. As someone who spent his childhood in Germany, I experienced the contribution of the Turkish lessons we received at that time at every period of my life. I had a good German and a Turkish language that I could speak fluently. It was my teachers who provided it to me.

If you say, “I don’t want to talk in my language, I want to read and understand my Turkish books more comfortably,” we can solve this problem together. And you don’t have to be alone, take your friend or friends. 🙂

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At every stage of our lives, we need activities, even though their shape changes. For adults, this can sometimes be to have coffee with a friend; sometimes it can be to attend courses belonging to different branches. Young people also participate in activities according to their tastes. We can diversify like those who want to write poetry, those who like to dance, those who are interested in any sport. Children, on the other hand, sometimes make these choices according to their own wishes, sometimes directed by their parents.

And what can we do together?

We can read books according to all age groups, in this way, we develop our reading, writing and speaking skills.

Creative writing” activities for those who say I want to write articles

We can do movement and play events.  It will be very enjoyable to learn while playing

Remember that we can do all these activities indoors as well as outdoors, that you can be alone as well as participate with your friends, and most importantly, we will learn a lot while having a lot of fun 🙂

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I’ve been in a close relationship with books at every stage of my life. I’ve tried not only to read, but also to do research in this field. I’d love to work with magazines and newspapers, send articles. I can also edit the articles you have. The department I trained in is quite suitable for this:)

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