I have opened my eyes to life in Turkey, started school in Germany and returned to Turkey again. And now I’ve turned my way to England. So let’s look at what I’ve read, where I’ve read, what I’ve done 🙂

After studying Turkology at Istanbul University, I continued My Master’s education at my school. Turkish German language and Turkish Turkish language courses.I gave private lessons when I started my undergraduate studies. I also gave German language courses at the beginner level. During this period, I briefly wrote for the magazine Galata Mecmua.

When I graduated in 2017, I studied the language to improve my English, while continuing to teach in a research centre. Although I could not have a full-time working life when I started my Master’s education, I continued private lessons to avoid my students.

And now I’m excited to do my job in England. He believes that the more you meet, the more you will have an opinion about me, and I sincerely want to meet each of you:)


  • Turkish tutoring for many students from first grade to twelfth grade
  • German tutoring at beginner level
  • Writing for magazines
  • Teaching Turkish at the research center
  • Different activities with children (such as reading books, theatre, creative writing)