A) Language Learning / Private Lessons:

It was always one of my dreams to bring Turkish to a wide audience. For this reason, I give my lessons to anyone who is interested in Turkish and wants to learn a new language, except for students of Turkish ethnic origin who do not want to forget Turkish.

If you say, ”I speak turkish, but I have difficulty speaking“, let’s meet, chat and improve our conversation.

If you say, “I need to learn grammar for my exams”, let’s start with voice knowledge and move on to expression disorder 🙂

If you say, ”I love to learn languages” your address is obvious, let’s find out.

I teach literacy tutoring to anyone who is illiterate or has difficulty. We can do these lessons alone, with your friend or with your friends.

B) Actıvıtıes:

Reading book:

Currently, I offer children who do not read books for various reasons, who have difficulty reading, young friends to read books together. It’s my only goal to make this event easier, to love reading books. We can take our books in our hands and read books in a library, sometimes in a park. In this way, the habit of reading books will be acquired and socialized. My goal is to give children and young people the love of reading books. It is to make reading books permanent in every period of a person’s life and to create the habit of reading books.

Creative writing activities:

Many people have been interested in the act of writing since time immemorial. But because of the uncertainty about how to start writing and what path to follow, authorship has always been an action that has been pushed back. With me, you will see that writing is not really so difficult, that if we activate our dreams, you will succeed.

C) Translation and Editing:

I can take care of your magazine and newspaper articles that need to be corrected before publication. We can work together for language errors, typos, and deficiencies in the use of punctuation marks.